Wednesday, June 24, 2009

where'd ya get that hat?

well, it is my birthday today. a day you would like to forget as you age, a day that is not supposed to come. AND, i finally have my age right. for the longest time i thought i was turning 48, i am actually turning 47. need to brush up on my math skills.

in all of my photo sorting i have been doing lately, have yet to find a photo of me during some sort of birthday celebration. i have memories of a lot of them, but for the most part it is a blur. o, i do remember the time craig thru a surprise party for me. it was a disaster. i showed up at the movie theatre wearing no make-up and overalls just to humor him because he was SO insistent we go to THAT movie at THAT particular time. i should have had a clue something was up. my mom was visiting too, and she kept telling me, as i was complaining that craig was "making me see a movie", to "go put some make-up on, go change your clothes..." she was trying to tell me in a discreet way to "go get presentable." well, i did NOT listen, went begrudgingly to the theatre in my gardening clothes, dirt all down the front of my lovely old navy denim overalls. (remember them vividly-LOVED them.) what a memory. just let me be clear...i do not like surprises. never have, never will. but thank you to all of my dear friends who showed up to celebrate with me in such an awkward situation...sorry.

anyway, my kids birthdays have taken a priority for sure, the way it should be, and the way it is. love planning my kids celebrations...although i do have most of them in a row, right during the holidays. should have planned better for that too. next time i will do some calculations to spread them out a bit.

so, because i am lacking in any old birthday shot of me, i have chosen to focus on the BIRTHDAY HAT. a tradition we had when the kids were little. a photo of the special kid in the birthday hat was a must. actually, it is kind of a dumb tradition, but needless to say, everyone was anxious to put it on, and humor me with a snapshot. o, and we always get a baskin robbins ice cream cake. no substitutions. just the way it is around here when birthdays roll around.

wonder what flavor i will get?


Jack and Melissa said...

Have a HAPPY HAPPY birthday today Shawna! You must post a pic of you wearing the birthday hat today--it's a wonderful hat. Thanks for being the best sister ever--we love you always! Melissa & Jack

gr8apey said...

I tried leaving you a comment on FB but the option to write on your wall is GONE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and I'm sure I'll see you later!!

In The Doghouse said...

Although I am getting old and my memory seems to fail me at times, I believe I was privileged to attend the surprise were still darling just the way you were! I feel the same way about my birthday as you do, my husband and family still seem to think they need to make it a big deal out of it. lol

I hope you have a wonderful day today. As Greg always reminds me, it is the most important day of the year for you... it was the day you were given your body so you could progress. There was a time when you simply couldn't wait for today to happen!

So with that in mind, Happy Birthday! xxooxxo