Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this rain...

is making us nest...
not necessarily a bad thing, however...
im slowly dying...
a miserable death from lack of the warmth 
from a certain celestial planet.


Monday, March 21, 2011

flying wing

so i had a very small part in helping this plane get off the ground.
i worked for northrop a million years ago... 
in the art department.
before i started the job, my neighbors were questions extensively,
just in case i was a person who was untrustworthy.
i passed, and was given a secret clearance.
the building we worked in had no windows,
just in case a russian satellite was cruising by.
our handbags were searched when we left,
just in case we were sneaking out top secret info.
we were not allowed to tell anyone what we were working on.
and the unique shape of this plane was one of aviations best kept secrets.
we used a burn box to destroy any image of the plane.
not a single drawing or rubylith shape was left unattended.
i am glad my miniscule contribution helped my country in some tiny way.
and i just saw on the news these magnificent planes were used 
to drop bombs in libya.
i am sure they came undetected by radar,
(their claim to fame), and entered the scene with huge presence.
oh, to be a fly on the wall, during something like this.

i am not sure what i think of this particular conflict.
i hate conflict.
i hate hate.
the thought of war makes me upset.
but am glad knowing we have these methods of defense...
like this beautiful flying wing, as we used to call it.

just in case.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

real men dont take any crap

ok, so not much was going on last night.
i will admit i was home with my feet up and the remote control in hand.
i was actually pretty lonely if the truth be known.
and no, nickelodeon or disney was NOT on.
red letter day.
so i was flipping thru the channels, and this is what i stumbled upon.
probably my most favorite movie EVER.
love those rough around the edges types...
and even one with a gravelly voice.
(sam elliot is my idea of a perfect man)
love a man who doesnt give up.
who can endure all sorts of grief for his woman.
love a man who knows how to use a gun,
and who wont take any crap from anyone.
one who has no fear...
and is the antithesis of the word feminine.
one who likes fast cars, and fast planes and knows how to change a tire.
a guy who makes me feel safe,
and grabs my hand securely when we run across a busy street.
one who gives me his flip flops (because i am shoeless) 
and waits by the public bathroom door,  
to make sure i exit safely.
love a guy who helps me into the car, and opens the door for me.
love a decisive man, and even one who knows what he wants
and isnt afraid to say it.
one who can get ready in just a few minutes,
and doesnt fuss about what hes going to wear.
and the kicker...
one who wears NO cologne.
real men smell good because they use soap.

you know, dont really like those metro male types,
ive come to figure out.
i think i could be friends with one,
but thats about where it would end.

so, in a word, doc holladay is my man,
because his hypocrisy only goes so far.
and did i mention i love a guy with integrity?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

mormon + formal = mormal

nothing like a bright red lego bootineer and a beanie baby corsage...
all for a good cause. 
and some good clean fun.
and a group of lds and non lds kids...
out for a good time.
sharin the love.
what its all about.

and it was so cute to see these non mormon 
girls get excited about following the rules...
with cardigans and longer skirts.
refreshing and charming all at the same time.

i am sure that these kids, even years from now
will remember this experience as a positive one.
a little seed planted...
a good example rewarded.
if they only knew the power they possess
as they strive to be good people and do good things.

maybe one day they will understand.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

why o why

do these look so appealing to me?
i wanna go down to brueggers and buy one with cream cheese smeared all over it.
but i cant.
i wont.
on the good side, i found danes happy st pattys day shirt today.
a miracle in itself that i could actually save something and
know where it is a year later.
i know, pretty amazing.
and it even fit him.
another reason to celebrate.
o to have a bagel...and a green one at that.
happy st pattys day!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my new name

no drama shawna.
dont forget it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i crave peace

and i crave quiet.
and simplicity.
and real happiness.
and acceptance.
and tolerance.
and kindness.
and loyalty.
and goodness.

it falls beautifully into my hands, then is ripped away.
removed violently from my grip.
then i stand there, empty handed.

i will keep going.
in search of it all.

maybe just maybe i will find it someday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

big day already

its not even 8am, and maggie's had a big day...

a little playtime with toby...
who knew a crushed ping pong ball could be so entertaining.
(after a much needed, exhausting haircut yesterday...such a traumatic event)

a little guarding of the gate...
she takes this very seriously.
such an important job to keep all the intruders away.

a little stroll around the pool.
just checking things out...looking for more intruders coming in from the back.
heaven help anything that gets in this yard.

just glad i have this ferocious guard dog.
such a terrier.
my sturdy little scotty.
my life is now complete.
and i would miss her terribly if she were not here.
love her loyalty.
if we could all be like dogs.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

sick and tired

so with a boy home from school with a bad cough and sore throat,
i have been busy making gourmet, comfort foods which sometimes go untouched...

been doing lots and lots of long overdue laundry.
i think my washer and dryer have been going non stop
for two days straight now...

and even got caught up on the ironing, 
so we arent scrambling sunday morning looking for an ironed white shirt.

i like days like these.

and i kinda like having a sick boy at home.
i like feeling foreheads and making comfy beds on the couch.
i start to nest...
and focus on my homemaking skills for some reason.

and i was really tempted to even make banana bread,
because i have a bunch of spotted, deep yellow ones on the counter...
i dont think i can resist banana bread.
so i made cornbread muffins.
now, those are easy to pass up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

found it

this is the brides room of the venue we found for emma's reception.
i am in wedding mode now.
kinda fun till the nightmares start.
and they will start, believe me.
i will wake up in a cold sweat, after visions of me
forgetting to make wedding bouquets 
then frantically running around trying to put something together out of nothing.

wish me luck.

and all you people out there who even remotely know me...
and those who i call my sisters...
you are hereby recruited to help me through this.
who wants to be on the wedding committee?
i guarantee it will be fun!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

thug life

road show 2011.

my photos are bad.
the kids had fun.
skit was really good.
and i bet the leaders are glad its over.

till 2013.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

someone who loves me...

sent me this.
made me happy when i opened the email.
sometimes the little stuff means more than the big stuff.
although i like the big stuff too.
dont get me wrong.
but thank you man o mine for sending me this cute email.

and happy birthday dr suess.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

how many?

keith and faye married for 65 years today.
they are the epitome of strength, integrity and good.
thanks mom and dad for your wonderful examples.
and thanks for your undying support and endless love.

happy anniversary, from your baby who is officially old.

appliance revolt

nothing like a diet coke explosion.
i guess the thermostat decided to not work.