Thursday, March 10, 2011

sick and tired

so with a boy home from school with a bad cough and sore throat,
i have been busy making gourmet, comfort foods which sometimes go untouched...

been doing lots and lots of long overdue laundry.
i think my washer and dryer have been going non stop
for two days straight now...

and even got caught up on the ironing, 
so we arent scrambling sunday morning looking for an ironed white shirt.

i like days like these.

and i kinda like having a sick boy at home.
i like feeling foreheads and making comfy beds on the couch.
i start to nest...
and focus on my homemaking skills for some reason.

and i was really tempted to even make banana bread,
because i have a bunch of spotted, deep yellow ones on the counter...
i dont think i can resist banana bread.
so i made cornbread muffins.
now, those are easy to pass up.


Buffy said...

I feel the same way about banana bread or cookies or brownies or any yummy baked goods. I can't resist them so I have been trying not to make them. It's no fun though not to bake a yummy treat.
I have a sickie home today too with a sore throat & a mild fever. Ugh!

jmelmac said...

Your kids are LUCKY kids to have you as their are a terrific nurse, cook, chauffer, laundromat manager, "merry maid" housecleaner, school stuff manager, and most important..YOU are their very own MAMA BEAR security system! Thanks for being such a GREAT mom you always & forever! your sista, Melissa

Joan said...

I feel the same way when I'm home with a sick one...I nest. Weird, but I get it. =)