Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little boys

so i like little boys.
and no, i am not a weirdo.
or some strange lady.
i just like little boys.
i think i could have been a mom to 5 boys.

a miniature man brought me flowers yesterday.
picked carefully along the way to my house.
he presented them proudly to me.
with a big smile on his face.
this is a habit of his, when he comes to visit.
always a tiny cluster of blooms in his hand.
gathered with me in mind.
this is nice.
very nice.

so here they sit.
by my kitchen sink.
reminding me how much i love little boys.
and just how fast they grow up.
hopefully mine can grow up to be sweet big boys.
because a sweet big boy is few and far between.
but oh so important.
critical, i am afraid.

lets hold a good thought.
for all the little boys out there.
to grow up sweet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

salmon sunday

before eden left for school we had dinner.
i know, a novel thought.
unfortunately that doesnt happen very much around here.
if i could change it, i would.
maybe i can.
maybe we should sit
around a dinner table.
instead of standing around the stove.
 at odd hours of the day and night.
cold cereal often the dinner of choice.
or toast.
or eggs.
yeah, maybe that would fix everything.
probably not.
but its a good thought.

anyway, we had salmon.
and it was good.
really good.

even took the leftovers to feed rich,
and he said that was the best salmon hes ever had.
hes good for the ego sometimes.
and sometimes i need that.
so thank you man of mine, for telling me i am a good cook.
especially when you brag on your ex about how one of 
the few things she did right was fix good fish.
i guess i win, huh?

and yes, that is my man boy right there.
hairy face and all.
cant stand it.
hopefully he will shave soon.
one thing i cannot do is hairy face.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

treasure in the closet

so we found an old polaroid camera in edens closet when we were going thru everything.
see, shes going to college.
sometimes i cant believe she is that old already.
words cannot express how much i will miss her.
so i just wont even try.
gonna hide my head in the sand.
this old camera had film.
and to our surprise it spit out an image of us.
i was not sure if anything would appear...
but it did.
now this lovely photo is taped to the microwave.
(and someone told me i looked 16 in it.
still not sure if that is good or bad).
the place where all the important stuff is.
like the napoleon dynamite notepad and the write in calendar from home goods.
if my fridge would take a magnet, it would be there front and center.

so, the microwave will just have to do.
the place where i can see her darling face.
every day.
and next time eden, tell me to make a funny face...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

dog beach

toby got the ride of his life.
he got to go to the beach.
and he loved it. 
he was a little clingy, 
like the child who stands close and hangs on to your blouse.
not sure if socializing with strangers is all that much fun.
even if they are about the same size and shape.
but he was a good sport. 
even drank the salt water.
i thought for sure he would barf,
but...he did not.
so glad for that.

there he is, drinking salt water.
dane thought it was funny.

lots of shapes and sizes.
we especially loved the great dane.
hes the black and white one.

yes, he was clingy.
mommas boy for sure.

but this little girl was his favorite (4 legged animal) i think.
im his favorite favorite.
when you think about it...
its so nice to be someone's favorite.

and of course, the seaweed which doubled as a toilet.
then to add to the fun... he pooped close to the water
and the tide washed it away before i could grab a bag.
poor surfers.
swimming with dog poop.
i guess theres a reason why this area is heavily polluted.
and yes, i let my son swim in the water.

and it was cold.
very cold.
this looks like winter to me.
but it is august.
did i say august?
yes, i said august.

but some children i know thought the weather was just fine.
made me cold to look at them.
but i guess you cant really pass up an
opportunity to swim with dogs.
poop and all.

but thank you, old man for putting up with me and my dog.
and for scheduling an appointment with the navy vet.
even though they call 10 minutes before our appointment and cancel.
turned out to be a good day anyway.
even if it felt like january.