Thursday, January 19, 2012

yes...the anti blogger

thats my name.
don't know whats wrong.
so here it is january, and i need to post at least one christmas photo.
so i will limit myself to one.

i think this says it all.

and its aenons birthday today.
born 24 years ago.
i love you, my red girl.
till the end of time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

so i am the anti blogger...

but that needs to change.
so funny how sometimes i can't wait to blog about some dumb thing
that happens, then i cannot seem to muster up any
enthusiasm at all to write about even the good stuff.
i think the wind has gone out of my sails.
been knocked on my butt a little.

since toby died.

there i wrote it.
having a hard time with this one, i will admit.
my life is very different.
and empty.


i went to the beach today.
all by myself.

 i like being by myself.

maybe that is good.
maybe that is bad.
not sure.
but for now 
 im going with it.