Thursday, November 20, 2008

where'd ya get that hair?

i couldnt pass on this rare opportunity to capture both boys in a dirty mirror with big hair. dane looks like he has something foul coming out of his nose. good thing i am such a good housekeeper. hunter needs a new head for his sonicare too.

happy halloween

the whole group ventured to disneyland on halloween. here are a few shots of the motley crew. i would love to be cruella deville-even for a day. she was unloading every insult she could think of while posing for this photo. wouldnt it be so fun to just say what you wanted to? "hey you, get a new hairstyle." or "wow, i cant believe you are wearing that." she was pretty funny, dishing out all of those comments with a sneer on her face. she had us cracking up.
o, and i did say, "funny faces" as i took the photo, in case you were wondering. camden and dane, however werent listening to the instructions. theyre the cute little ones in the front. i dont think those older kids know how to take a "normal" photo. gosh.

more botox please

well, every halloween it is a tradition in our home to purchase wax lips and then humiliate the dogs. we do a very good job every year of accomplishing what we set out to do. sometimes it just takes a little more patience, and a few more shots. this year maggie was an addition to the photo fest, and i might add, she cooperated better than toby. with toby, he is so intent on eating the wax lips, he gets a little side tracked. maggie wasnt quite sure what was going on.
i have to admit, she looks divine. that shade of red is good on her.