Thursday, June 14, 2012

yes, i am still alive...

yes, barely alive. so to recapture the last few months...lets see. well, im moving to my own place...decided that fostering 9 weimaraner puppies was a good thing to do in the middle of a move. and yes, in the words of hunter..."mom, this is the best thing you have ever done." so there, it was a good idea, and we have enjoyed these beautiful pups thoroughly...poop and all.
and cant wait to get in my own little house...did i say little? yeah, i said little and i am so happy. half the size of this cavernous monstrosity. get the keys tomorrow. officially not connected to anyone. anymore. that means no one. zilch, squat, nada. no one but me. and thats a good thing. been a long time coming.

sometimes less is more.

although sometimes i miss the feel of a mans hand in mine. someday, my friend, someday i will feel that again. for now, a dog will have to do.