Monday, February 28, 2011

i think...

 it might be fun to own one of these, 
with retro linoleum and formica on the counters.
polka dot curtains flipping in the wind.
maybe even fun to fix one up...
you know you are getting old when a trailer looks appealing.

i think it might be amazing to have a red barn like this.
and the windmill makes the scene all the more perfect.
my chickens could live in there.
and i could go gather their eggs and place them in my eyelet apron.

i think this adolescent clydesdale was curious about me approaching his fence.
we locked eyes and stared for awhile.
he inched towards me wanting to trust me, then he retreated and galloped proudly around his pen.
a little dance just for me, i think.
he was kind of a show off.

i think it would be fun to stay in one of these tiny a frame rooms one day.
in the middle of nowhere....with nothing to do but look out the window
or sit on the steps and watch the birds.

i think i may have found the best matzo ball soup ever.
tasted so good when it was a cold 48 degrees outside.
and the jewish pastries...well, they speak for themselves.
and i had bread pudding to die for last time i was here.
the mormons and the jews know how to cook.
just saying.

i think the church does a lot of things right.
like the mormon battalion museum we visited on saturday.
first rate museum all the way down to the beautiful movie making and computer
which allowed us to look up members of the group.
the sister missionaries were darling too in their pioneer garb.
i so want to wear a dress like that all day long.
i swear i could be a polyg....just not do the share the husband part.
(ive ranted about this on a prior post)
and i found my ancestor...
daniel henrie, here in all of his glory,
on the computer screen.
im proud to be related to him.

i think i have it somewhat down how to take a manual photo.
this was one of the better ones i took of pacific beach on saturday evening.
we had endured lots of rain and even hail.
extreme temperatures for so cal for sure.
and this little peek of sun was well worth the stroll along the boardwalk...
in flip flops and a flimsy jacket.
i just cannot wear shoes.
whats my problem?
its either flip flops or uggs.
no in between.

and i think i like a spinach omelette with hollandaise sauce a lot.
did i say a lot?
next time im getting ham in there too. 
after my date and i go on a diet.
my jeans are getting tight (well, already there)
and he has to unbutton his after a meal.

i think not good.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

nothing like...

a clean garage.
thank you melissa for helping me and putting up with rat poop, lots of cobwebs and big spiders.
also finding all sorts of hidden treasures was such a treat.
who knew such valuable things could be discovered.

Friday, February 18, 2011

wheres the sheep?

so my mom says i looked like bo peep when i wore this dress.
i really didnt think so, but now that i see emma in it...
maybe she was correct.
this dress was to die for in 1984.
a laura ashley original.
the heavy cotton skirt was magic to walk in.
yards and yards of weighty fabric.
and i loved that it had NO lace.
i wasnt a lace kinda girl.
and still am not.

but emma is.
the more frills the better.
i wonder what she will think of her wedding dress in 26 years.
cant wait to find out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

further explanation...

...needed for my last post.

anyone who knows me well, knows i love my suv.
i really really love my truck.
i get really attached to my cars.
always have always will.
we even name our vehicles.
so let me introduce you to...big black.

so, on valentines day, big black decided to break.
on the 5 freeway.
in the middle of traffic.
and i was lucky to get it to a dealer in 
san diego without getting out and pushing it.
i wasnt sure if i could get it up a certain hill, and even had to navigate 
with one foot on the gas, one on the brake.
driving like a pilot i know, who drives like that all the time.
had my heart in my throat, and white knuckles through the whole experience.

so, my beloved truck now has taken up residence in
a certain san diego chevy dealer.
jimmie johnson chevrolet.
sounds like a bunch of hicks...o wait, i know someone with that name.
these folks at jimmies cant seem to understand the ails of my truck.
and so they are keeping it day in and day out.
they keep calling me with bad news.
no symptoms.
now its being fickle.
but there is some code which does indicate a transmission problem.
im kinda missing my truck.
i sorta need my get kids to school and such.
edens little ronald (her 04 honda civic) filling in for big black at the moment.
and hes doing a fine job getting me from point a to point b.
such a cutie he is.
although he does need new brakes.

so thats one reason why my valentines day was such a disaster.
valentines day used to be one of my favorites...
the celebration of love and full hearts. heart is not broken.
it may be in pieces,
like a puzzle which needs to be put together.
 in a state of confusion at the moment.
i am sure it will mend itself, and get all better.
i am sure one day it will be full of all good things.
and stuff that makes a heart sing.
so in the meantime, its taking its time to mend...
just taking the long road.
the scenic route.
and thats ok.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


the worst valentines day ever.

Monday, February 14, 2011

hunters first

hunters first official dance.
his date was this beautiful, willowy brunette in yellow.
he learned how to tie a bowtie, 
got a new suit and searched in vain for yellow vans.
as it turned out he was "yellow" enough.
the yellow shoes may have ruined it all, 
if the truth be known.

"best night of my life" he said.

and the beach made the photos all the better.
i dont think these kids realize just how lucky they are to be able 
to take photos with this particular backdrop.
surreal, really.
yes, they live in la la land.

and thank you to whoever took these.
i stole them off facebook.
too bad i couldnt be in two places at one time.
next year, hunter.
i will be there, my gargantuan canon in hand.

all good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

80 degree winter

Tesoro winter formal 2011...
and it was a beautiful warm southern california evening.
a perfect night for my darling eden to host a party.
so we had yet another portrait gathering in the backyard.
i think maybe the 8th time, between mormon proms and 
numerous other dances with the older girls.
my surroundings seems to be a good backdrop.
these cute kids all happy and excited.
brought back fond memories of years past.
where did the time go?
how did everyone grow up so fast?
it seems like yesterday i was doing this for aenon.
i better get used to it.
hunter is right behind.

and then there is eden.
my scholar. 
standing there in her quiet beauty.
in her element.
and quite content with who she is.
and what she stands for.
i am often amazed at her.
well, not really, if the truth be known.
she has always been a gem.
and actually looked like one last night.

hope you had fun, my wonderful girl.
so glad you could go with your bestie, dylan.
a friendship you have kept alive for a long time.
you are still sleeping soundly as i type this.
cant wait to hear all about it.
even if someone called at 12:32am and hung up.
kinda scared me a little.
who was that anyway?
but glad and relieved you came home safely to me.
thank you for being the good girl you are.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


so this is my dad and his 2 long time friends.
we were at lake powell.
this photo taken awhile ago...
(you can kinda tell by the short shorts)
they are probably about the same age as i am today in this picture.

so i looked at this photo and said out loud...


kenny bird (in the middle) is one handsome guy.
funny how i never noticed before when i was a little girl of 10.
what a hunk.
and such a nice guy too.
did any women like, hit on him?
(shirley would have clobbered them if they did)
did anyone stare?
(no offense dad and roy...i am sure people stared at you too, 
with your rugged good looks)

and you know things are really slow around here when i write 
about something as ridiculous as this.

now you know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

gotta love cheesecake

cheesecake + eden = love
(her absolute favorite)

eden turned 18.
i will post her official birthday post later...need a couple hours for that one.
but, in the meantime, this will have to do.
cheesecake factory with grandma and grandpa (what a treat)
then winter formal dress shopping with grandma.
we even found one too.
so a wonderful night spend celebrating a wonderful girl.
so glad she was born...
and so glad she is mine.

happy 18th eden!

Friday, February 4, 2011

tutor time

my parents are visiting.
and what could be better than a grandpa tutor sesh.
my dad the cal berkeley and cal tech grad.
the perennial math brain.
i think this is where eden gets her smarts.

gotta love an engineer.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sometimes i wonder...

why i do the things that i do.
i need some hunky man to come eat these before i do.