Friday, February 18, 2011

wheres the sheep?

so my mom says i looked like bo peep when i wore this dress.
i really didnt think so, but now that i see emma in it...
maybe she was correct.
this dress was to die for in 1984.
a laura ashley original.
the heavy cotton skirt was magic to walk in.
yards and yards of weighty fabric.
and i loved that it had NO lace.
i wasnt a lace kinda girl.
and still am not.

but emma is.
the more frills the better.
i wonder what she will think of her wedding dress in 26 years.
cant wait to find out.


Katy said...

okay I think that it TOTALLY, I should have borrowed your dress for my wedding!

jmelmac said...

WOW..what a blast from the past!! Emma looks like she walked off the set of a mid-century movie..she's stunning!& your were too when you wore about a pic of you in it? I'd love to see that! Let the fun times you! Melissa

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

beautiful dress. beautiful girl.