Thursday, February 10, 2011


so this is my dad and his 2 long time friends.
we were at lake powell.
this photo taken awhile ago...
(you can kinda tell by the short shorts)
they are probably about the same age as i am today in this picture.

so i looked at this photo and said out loud...


kenny bird (in the middle) is one handsome guy.
funny how i never noticed before when i was a little girl of 10.
what a hunk.
and such a nice guy too.
did any women like, hit on him?
(shirley would have clobbered them if they did)
did anyone stare?
(no offense dad and roy...i am sure people stared at you too, 
with your rugged good looks)

and you know things are really slow around here when i write 
about something as ridiculous as this.

now you know.

1 comment:

Joan said...

He's a looker, but needs to rethink his wardrobe choices. ;)