Sunday, February 13, 2011

80 degree winter

Tesoro winter formal 2011...
and it was a beautiful warm southern california evening.
a perfect night for my darling eden to host a party.
so we had yet another portrait gathering in the backyard.
i think maybe the 8th time, between mormon proms and 
numerous other dances with the older girls.
my surroundings seems to be a good backdrop.
these cute kids all happy and excited.
brought back fond memories of years past.
where did the time go?
how did everyone grow up so fast?
it seems like yesterday i was doing this for aenon.
i better get used to it.
hunter is right behind.

and then there is eden.
my scholar. 
standing there in her quiet beauty.
in her element.
and quite content with who she is.
and what she stands for.
i am often amazed at her.
well, not really, if the truth be known.
she has always been a gem.
and actually looked like one last night.

hope you had fun, my wonderful girl.
so glad you could go with your bestie, dylan.
a friendship you have kept alive for a long time.
you are still sleeping soundly as i type this.
cant wait to hear all about it.
even if someone called at 12:32am and hung up.
kinda scared me a little.
who was that anyway?
but glad and relieved you came home safely to me.
thank you for being the good girl you are.

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In The Doghouse said...

She looks AMAZING!! What a beautiful darling girl!