Friday, February 4, 2011

tutor time

my parents are visiting.
and what could be better than a grandpa tutor sesh.
my dad the cal berkeley and cal tech grad.
the perennial math brain.
i think this is where eden gets her smarts.

gotta love an engineer.


Buffy said...

Looks like straight out of a magazine. I have the same picture of my grandpa & I working on homework. Those are wonderful moments to look back on. Dane will love to look back on that picture. Enjoy the visit with your parents!

Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

I love those pictures!!

Jack and Melissa McIntyre said...

WOW..what beautiful pics these are of Dane & almost feel like you are eaves dropping(sp?)into their conversation. You've captured an incredible,timeless moment Shawna..with all of your artistical talents you could definitely start your own photography business..what do you think? luvu, Melissa