Wednesday, September 26, 2012

last homecoming for awhile

so hunter and his cute friend darby went to homecoming together. darby has been in his group of friends for forever. i have always been drawn to her, and have made comments to hunter like, "why dont you take darby out?" or "shes the cutest one of them all"...and the last dance i was accused of paying more attention to darby than his date. got in trouble for that big time. my affection for her is known. so...he finally took my hint and they went together..cutest couple ever, in my humble opinion.

Monday, September 10, 2012

i have incredible peace.

i have incredible peace now for some reason. i am not sure the exact reason, but i am thinking it was possibly my move, or the rare opportunity to be "me". i am my own woman. no longer am i defined by who i am married to, or my children...or what i am supposed to be doing or thinking. i have calm in my life, and it is good.

my new home is a place of refuge for us. im more organized and content, and it feels very good. tranquility seems to ooze from the walls of this house. it is an uncanny thing, and i am not the only one who feels it. people who walk in feel it and talk about it. so there is something to how something "feels". i have wondered about that and why that is the case. i wonder. what makes something "feel" good? maybe that pleasant thoughts are here, and uplifting and positive vibes are echoing through the halls...only my very favorite things around me. maybe its an honest good that abounds that cannot be attacked or disregarded, lied about or stomped on.

the old house is supposedly haunted, so the kids say. haunted with what, may i ask, and what does that mean? whatever it means, it is not good. to this day they have no desire to be back there. in that cavern of an living or not. supposedly we had "made it" with that gaudy house. dont miss it one bit. weve gotten back to basics, learned that we dont need and that we dont even want all that "stuff". there is an offensiveness to the need to possess all those things i was lulled into thinking were critical to my happiness. what a crock. simple is good. the need and desire to seek only after whats really important in life is whats at stake here. and we realize it, and love our new sense of direction. less is more. however, i do have my beautiful deer head up (a gift from my dad) and watching over the new place. he whispered to me he likes the new place better (and likes that hes now in the front room)...but boy, if that deer could talk.