Friday, February 27, 2009

bigger is better

hunter is playing with the big boys now. he now is playing with kids more his size. from the very beginning he was a chunk. When he was a toddler he had these beefy, shapely legs attached to a block of a torso, with big hands and "flintstone" feet. i think his bones weigh more too. as a mom, having him slung on my hip became a chore. all of his life he has been gargantuan. biggest boy in kindergarten, first, second grade...all the way into middle school. finally i think the other boys have caught up. i think he is still the biggest boy on his team, but doesn't look quite like a huge ogre amongst little scrawny boys. looks a little more even now, i think, thank goodness. he towers over me now. i feel like a little old lady these days, with every single child of mine (except for one) now looking down at me.

i was sitting in the stands this past weekend watching him play. a dad sitting next to me, struck up a conversation. " tall is hunter?" i answered his question. long silence...awkward silence..."so how much does hunter weigh?" i answered, and in case you were wondering the number is quite large, and apparently impressive if you are a man (however, hunter is technically a boy). a chuckle came from him then, "wow, that's more than i weigh". what am i supposed to say after that? i just smiled and nodded my head.

i guess bigger is better.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

emma came home for the weekend...

...and this is what we do.

when i create my world, i am going to make sure anyone can eat anything and not gain an ounce.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

thanks diana

i stole this youtube talk from my friend, diana dowden's blog. i know she wont mind. this is a great, inspirational talk which everyone who ventures onto my blog should watch in it's entirety. thanks, diana. maybe you put it up just for me...

my favorite 2nd grader in the whole world

love this boy

Monday, February 2, 2009

hello, you are 46

ok, i will fully admit, i acted as if i was maybe 15 (and a boy, i might add), when i first saw this trailer last night during the superbowl. the hair on the back of my neck stood up, my eyes widened and i actually screamed outloud-"when is this coming out?!" (like anyone in the room knew the answer to the question).moments after the trailer aired, the phone rang, it was aenon. i knew exactly why she was calling. she had just seen it too. we were like like two little kids. have you ever felt like you are not the right age? i know i am a ripe old age of 46, am fully aware of that brutal, sad reality. i am also keenly aware of my age inside. i am about 22, maybe 23. really. but i have all of this real life experience which has made me so smart, ha!
anyway, aenon and emma and i saw the first transformers in palm springs on our girl weekend which we take every summer. at first i wasnt so excited about it, thought i was much too "mature", thought hunter should be there instead of me, but found myself completely enthralled, actually glued to the theatre seat. aenon the "boy" she was/is knew all of the transformers names too, to top it all off. "it's Optimus Prime!" she exclaimed out loud as his magnificent self was crawling into the scene on a wet highway. my favorite part is the plane scene where those big bombers (i have yet to quiz my dad on the names of those majestic planes) come to save the day. have seen the movie 20 times, i know, i know. my dad is a world war II pilot, so that scene hit home. i also have a thing for big planes and the magic of flight. dont know how to explain it, i probably got it from my dad. planes make my hair stand on end, and my heart pound. weird i know. i also actually really enjoy the throaty exhaust noise my new denali makes. emma says it sounds like a "bro" truck.
anyway, maybe i am really a 15 year old boy, in an old lady body. and yes, i am booking a flight on a big plane to utah to see it with my girls..
hmm, now that is weird.