Saturday, October 30, 2010

lonely bird

it was a tablerock day in lovely southern california...

i needed the solitude of the beach...

and i was greeted by complete, glorious emptiness...

except for 2 fishermen perched on top of the rock...but that was ok, they werent invading my sand...

then i sat back and soaked in the sunshine. an essential survival food for me.
if i dont have sunshine, i die.

then this seagull wandered over and plunked himself down about 10 feet away from me.
i was convinced he sensed i needed a quiet friend to keep me company.
he was right. 
it was nice.

then i looked around me and wondered how it would be if i lived in a house like this...

or like this...

or was able to walk through a front door like this every day...

or make an entrance through a gate like this.
i wondered.

but then quickly realized...
i dont need that anymore.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

carb load

30 hungry water polo boys.
4 pans of costco lasagna (way too lazy to make homemade).
10 dozen wood ranch rolls.
1 $100 pan of tutto fresco penne alfredo (well worth the big bucks).
2 cases of vitamin water and san pellegrino.
good time.

rip trabuco

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 things

ten things i learned/experienced in the last couple of days.

1. that when an old man from indiana forgets to retrieve his wallet from off the trunk of his car,
then drives down a busy highway, and you happen to see the contents of his wallet,
and a substantial amount of cash blowing furiously all over the street,
you speed, roll down the window and offer your services to help.
then you proceed to stop 4 lanes of oncoming traffic, 
by running in front of said speeding oncoming traffic with just your hand up.
then you start looking for the cash and credit cards in the bushes on the median.
then you get a big hug from someones grandpa with much appreciation in his eyes.

2. that you actually can find a decent hotel in palm springs for 44 bucks.

3. that as you get older, it is probably not a good idea to drive on a windy, desert road in the pitch dark.

4. that striking up conversation with run of the mill, 
ordinary, hard working, salt of the earth people who you dont know is kind of fun.
and getting hugs from them is equally as fun.

5. that men like to have a full view of the flatscreens at the yard house.

6. what a "try hard" is. 
i was accused of being one just because i wore a jean skirt and casual platforms to a water polo game. 
i guess i wont do that again. 
hunter says he likes me better in cut offs and rainbows.

7. that when i am stressed i pick my toes. 

8. that i absolutely need sunshine to enable me to function properly.

9. that i CAN stand on my own two feet.

10. and when someone leaves their atm card in the machine and leaves, 
you just patiently wait for them to come back. 
another hearty hug and a handshake from a random stranger.
funny how people are so surprised when you are honest.

pay it forward.

Monday, October 25, 2010

future mothers of the world

i have a wonderful, special friend christina. 
she has 3 darling daughters.
little, sweet, innocent angels they are.
she asked me to babysit the other night.
i felt honored that she would ask me to care for her little ones.
i sat on the floor and played bingo (the 2 year old winning the whole time), 
watched all sorts of cartoons i had never seen before 
and tucked these sweet little ones into their beds.
her husband travels a lot for his job, so i am a shoe in to pitch in and help.
i helped her move into her new house, and cleaned her cupboards in her old place.
we craft together and have good talks.
shes my dear friend and i appreciate her.

made me think...
i have often wondered if the whole polygamy thing might be conveniently helpful with
the rearing of little children. 
the whole "sister wife" thing works for me.
can you imagine having 3 mothers caring for a bunch of kids?
someone else sharing the laundry, the dishes...the dirty diapers?
a mothers dream.
the only thing i couldnt do is share the man.
makes my skin crawl thinking about it.
actually i just might vomit.
kind of old fashioned in that arena.
i want a kind, gentle man who only has eyes for me.
i want to be top on his list, and the ONLY one on the list.
is that so hard to ask?
apparently so.
and too bad they all dont figure out that...(drumroll please)...if I'M on the top of the list, 
HE will be on the top of my list.
really not that hard to understand.

anyway, i am starting to rant, my heart rate is elevated 
and i am getting off track.
(deep breath)
the moral of the story is...

babysit for someone you love.
lovingly care for the future of the world.
help out, even in the smallest way

it might do you some good.

Monday, October 18, 2010

super mario

love his parting remarks.
made me think for a minute.
may we all think...for more than a minute.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

three sum

three of the cutest boys on the planet...

and the big one on the bottom is mine...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 years and counting

this is clint, natalie and me. 
natalie was my best friend in high school,
we got in a lot of trouble together.
well, not too much trouble. 
clint a friend who i have known since 6th grade...i know, a very long time. 
i still remember him as a little boy with shoulder length blonde hair, and holey vans.
we decided it might be fun to go to our 30 year reunion together...clint was assigned body guard duty, and was great at pulling out chairs, ordering diet cokes and walking behind us most of the time. 
he did a great job. 
someone even asked us if we were married. 
we just looked at each other and started laughing.
what a sweetheart he is.

then sandra arrived.
(shes the one in the middle)
natalie and i greeted her coming out of the restroom.
our screams could be heard all the way to torrance, i am sure.
then i was recognized by some other women with sandra,
for being the "girl with the cute candies shoes and the hot boyfriend."
that would be me.
see, im not remembered for any scholarly achievement or wonderful service i performed.
just cute shoes and the hunk who was wanted by every girl on campus.

sandra lives in maryland, and made the trip out for this lovely shin dig.
she was at the bar, me by her side when she ordered one too many drinks.
being the helpful person i am, i offered to carry one of her drinks to the table.
then just my luck i am photographed with this in my hot little hand.
(sandra thought this was really funny.)
see, young people out need to stay away from even the appearance of evil.
it will get you in trouble.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

desperately seeking simplicity

so this is where i live.

well, not exactly.
i do not live in laguna beach.
one day i wish to own a little beach house. 
with limited furnishings, white washed walls
and linen bedding.
a small abode which i can clean up in a minimal amount of time,
after which i will spend the afternoon with my beach bag in tow, sand at my feet.
ah, the simple life i yearn for.
i crave it.

"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
leonardo da vinci

claudine and i spent the morning at the surf and sand resort, 
having our feet and hands pampered and polished.
i ventured to the pool area, 
plopped myself in a cushy lounge chair, and felt the sun on my face.
the loud crash of the waves, music to my ears.
magic to a woman desperately seeking peace.

and im listening to conference as i write this...
and guess what president uchtdorfs talk is on?
simplifying our lives.
exactly what i have been striving for.
so good news...i have a general authority who agrees with my philosophy.

"slow down a little bit. focus on the important things in life.
diligently do the things that matter most."
dieter uchtdorf
(and i cant believe i called him peter)