Saturday, October 2, 2010

desperately seeking simplicity

so this is where i live.

well, not exactly.
i do not live in laguna beach.
one day i wish to own a little beach house. 
with limited furnishings, white washed walls
and linen bedding.
a small abode which i can clean up in a minimal amount of time,
after which i will spend the afternoon with my beach bag in tow, sand at my feet.
ah, the simple life i yearn for.
i crave it.

"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
leonardo da vinci

claudine and i spent the morning at the surf and sand resort, 
having our feet and hands pampered and polished.
i ventured to the pool area, 
plopped myself in a cushy lounge chair, and felt the sun on my face.
the loud crash of the waves, music to my ears.
magic to a woman desperately seeking peace.

and im listening to conference as i write this...
and guess what president uchtdorfs talk is on?
simplifying our lives.
exactly what i have been striving for.
so good news...i have a general authority who agrees with my philosophy.

"slow down a little bit. focus on the important things in life.
diligently do the things that matter most."
dieter uchtdorf
(and i cant believe i called him peter)


Joan said...

I too find my bliss at the shore. I love that first picture.

Cortney said...

must simplify. and when you get your beach house... I am moving in!!

gr8apey said...

haha...let's not do laguna beach....but beach sounds good to me. loved the comment about clean up in a minimal amount of time. what would that be like??? i'm in!