Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 years and counting

this is clint, natalie and me. 
natalie was my best friend in high school,
we got in a lot of trouble together.
well, not too much trouble. 
clint a friend who i have known since 6th grade...i know, a very long time. 
i still remember him as a little boy with shoulder length blonde hair, and holey vans.
we decided it might be fun to go to our 30 year reunion together...clint was assigned body guard duty, and was great at pulling out chairs, ordering diet cokes and walking behind us most of the time. 
he did a great job. 
someone even asked us if we were married. 
we just looked at each other and started laughing.
what a sweetheart he is.

then sandra arrived.
(shes the one in the middle)
natalie and i greeted her coming out of the restroom.
our screams could be heard all the way to torrance, i am sure.
then i was recognized by some other women with sandra,
for being the "girl with the cute candies shoes and the hot boyfriend."
that would be me.
see, im not remembered for any scholarly achievement or wonderful service i performed.
just cute shoes and the hunk who was wanted by every girl on campus.

sandra lives in maryland, and made the trip out for this lovely shin dig.
she was at the bar, me by her side when she ordered one too many drinks.
being the helpful person i am, i offered to carry one of her drinks to the table.
then just my luck i am photographed with this in my hot little hand.
(sandra thought this was really funny.)
see, young people out there...you need to stay away from even the appearance of evil.
it will get you in trouble.


Anonymous said...

WOW...Shawna Henrie, as in Shawna Henrie? You still look great!

Gary Moeller :)

J ~ G ~ E ~ A ~ A said...

I remember you for you wonderful service. ;) Love to you always,