Monday, October 25, 2010

future mothers of the world

i have a wonderful, special friend christina. 
she has 3 darling daughters.
little, sweet, innocent angels they are.
she asked me to babysit the other night.
i felt honored that she would ask me to care for her little ones.
i sat on the floor and played bingo (the 2 year old winning the whole time), 
watched all sorts of cartoons i had never seen before 
and tucked these sweet little ones into their beds.
her husband travels a lot for his job, so i am a shoe in to pitch in and help.
i helped her move into her new house, and cleaned her cupboards in her old place.
we craft together and have good talks.
shes my dear friend and i appreciate her.

made me think...
i have often wondered if the whole polygamy thing might be conveniently helpful with
the rearing of little children. 
the whole "sister wife" thing works for me.
can you imagine having 3 mothers caring for a bunch of kids?
someone else sharing the laundry, the dishes...the dirty diapers?
a mothers dream.
the only thing i couldnt do is share the man.
makes my skin crawl thinking about it.
actually i just might vomit.
kind of old fashioned in that arena.
i want a kind, gentle man who only has eyes for me.
i want to be top on his list, and the ONLY one on the list.
is that so hard to ask?
apparently so.
and too bad they all dont figure out that...(drumroll please)...if I'M on the top of the list, 
HE will be on the top of my list.
really not that hard to understand.

anyway, i am starting to rant, my heart rate is elevated 
and i am getting off track.
(deep breath)
the moral of the story is...

babysit for someone you love.
lovingly care for the future of the world.
help out, even in the smallest way

it might do you some good.


Christina said...

You are so sweet! And don't worry... there is a man just like that out there for you. Right now, he's looking for you. Thing is, he has no idea how lucky he will really be when he finds you. You're the best!

Jack and Melissa said...

DITTO to what Christina says! I love you always & forever sista!!