Friday, February 27, 2009

bigger is better

hunter is playing with the big boys now. he now is playing with kids more his size. from the very beginning he was a chunk. When he was a toddler he had these beefy, shapely legs attached to a block of a torso, with big hands and "flintstone" feet. i think his bones weigh more too. as a mom, having him slung on my hip became a chore. all of his life he has been gargantuan. biggest boy in kindergarten, first, second grade...all the way into middle school. finally i think the other boys have caught up. i think he is still the biggest boy on his team, but doesn't look quite like a huge ogre amongst little scrawny boys. looks a little more even now, i think, thank goodness. he towers over me now. i feel like a little old lady these days, with every single child of mine (except for one) now looking down at me.

i was sitting in the stands this past weekend watching him play. a dad sitting next to me, struck up a conversation. " tall is hunter?" i answered his question. long silence...awkward silence..."so how much does hunter weigh?" i answered, and in case you were wondering the number is quite large, and apparently impressive if you are a man (however, hunter is technically a boy). a chuckle came from him then, "wow, that's more than i weigh". what am i supposed to say after that? i just smiled and nodded my head.

i guess bigger is better.


gr8apey said...

Hunter is such a stud!! bigger is better...take it from a family of dwarfs that all love a sport that needs height! He still is just goofy hunter!

emma johnson said...

thats just how we're built in this family. pioneer stock. be proud of it.

leigh said...

way to go Hunter. i like where your headed. make your mama proud!!! LC