Monday, February 28, 2011

i think...

 it might be fun to own one of these, 
with retro linoleum and formica on the counters.
polka dot curtains flipping in the wind.
maybe even fun to fix one up...
you know you are getting old when a trailer looks appealing.

i think it might be amazing to have a red barn like this.
and the windmill makes the scene all the more perfect.
my chickens could live in there.
and i could go gather their eggs and place them in my eyelet apron.

i think this adolescent clydesdale was curious about me approaching his fence.
we locked eyes and stared for awhile.
he inched towards me wanting to trust me, then he retreated and galloped proudly around his pen.
a little dance just for me, i think.
he was kind of a show off.

i think it would be fun to stay in one of these tiny a frame rooms one day.
in the middle of nowhere....with nothing to do but look out the window
or sit on the steps and watch the birds.

i think i may have found the best matzo ball soup ever.
tasted so good when it was a cold 48 degrees outside.
and the jewish pastries...well, they speak for themselves.
and i had bread pudding to die for last time i was here.
the mormons and the jews know how to cook.
just saying.

i think the church does a lot of things right.
like the mormon battalion museum we visited on saturday.
first rate museum all the way down to the beautiful movie making and computer
which allowed us to look up members of the group.
the sister missionaries were darling too in their pioneer garb.
i so want to wear a dress like that all day long.
i swear i could be a polyg....just not do the share the husband part.
(ive ranted about this on a prior post)
and i found my ancestor...
daniel henrie, here in all of his glory,
on the computer screen.
im proud to be related to him.

i think i have it somewhat down how to take a manual photo.
this was one of the better ones i took of pacific beach on saturday evening.
we had endured lots of rain and even hail.
extreme temperatures for so cal for sure.
and this little peek of sun was well worth the stroll along the boardwalk...
in flip flops and a flimsy jacket.
i just cannot wear shoes.
whats my problem?
its either flip flops or uggs.
no in between.

and i think i like a spinach omelette with hollandaise sauce a lot.
did i say a lot?
next time im getting ham in there too. 
after my date and i go on a diet.
my jeans are getting tight (well, already there)
and he has to unbutton his after a meal.

i think not good.

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jmelmac said...

Savannah & I enjoyed looking at all your fun pictures...she was a little confused as to why you would want to live in that trailer..I explained that you wouldn't live in that exact trailer but then I went back to that pic of the trailer & thought maybe YOU would live in that trailer! It would be fun to fix up..very energy efficient. So happy you had a relaxing & fun weekend..miss you & love you! Melissa