Wednesday, February 16, 2011

further explanation...

...needed for my last post.

anyone who knows me well, knows i love my suv.
i really really love my truck.
i get really attached to my cars.
always have always will.
we even name our vehicles.
so let me introduce you to...big black.

so, on valentines day, big black decided to break.
on the 5 freeway.
in the middle of traffic.
and i was lucky to get it to a dealer in 
san diego without getting out and pushing it.
i wasnt sure if i could get it up a certain hill, and even had to navigate 
with one foot on the gas, one on the brake.
driving like a pilot i know, who drives like that all the time.
had my heart in my throat, and white knuckles through the whole experience.

so, my beloved truck now has taken up residence in
a certain san diego chevy dealer.
jimmie johnson chevrolet.
sounds like a bunch of hicks...o wait, i know someone with that name.
these folks at jimmies cant seem to understand the ails of my truck.
and so they are keeping it day in and day out.
they keep calling me with bad news.
no symptoms.
now its being fickle.
but there is some code which does indicate a transmission problem.
im kinda missing my truck.
i sorta need my get kids to school and such.
edens little ronald (her 04 honda civic) filling in for big black at the moment.
and hes doing a fine job getting me from point a to point b.
such a cutie he is.
although he does need new brakes.

so thats one reason why my valentines day was such a disaster.
valentines day used to be one of my favorites...
the celebration of love and full hearts. heart is not broken.
it may be in pieces,
like a puzzle which needs to be put together.
 in a state of confusion at the moment.
i am sure it will mend itself, and get all better.
i am sure one day it will be full of all good things.
and stuff that makes a heart sing.
so in the meantime, its taking its time to mend...
just taking the long road.
the scenic route.
and thats ok.


In The Doghouse said...

I am glad you are ok, breaking down on the Freeway is one of my biggest fears. Don't worry about Valentine's Day... it really is over-rated anyway. I think it is just a day to brag and tell everyone how awesome your life is. Give me the everyday kindnesses done in secret over V-Day any day of the the week!

I know how you love your car... hope he feels better soon.

In The Doghouse said...

PS. It is raining so go rent the movie "Julia & Julie" and stay inside. It is really cute and fun loving... I think you will like it! I watched it last night while Greg was at meetings.

Katy said...

Oh my goodness..that is no fun! If it makes you feel any better my baby (my baby) is having electronic transmission problems too right now! It's no fun!

Ingrid said...

So so sorry to hear about your car. I think car troubles rank up there with getting your wisdom teeth pulled and broken bones. Hope you get it back soon, and that the bill isn't too horrendous!