Thursday, June 14, 2012

yes, i am still alive...

yes, barely alive. so to recapture the last few months...lets see. well, im moving to my own place...decided that fostering 9 weimaraner puppies was a good thing to do in the middle of a move. and yes, in the words of hunter..."mom, this is the best thing you have ever done." so there, it was a good idea, and we have enjoyed these beautiful pups thoroughly...poop and all.
and cant wait to get in my own little house...did i say little? yeah, i said little and i am so happy. half the size of this cavernous monstrosity. get the keys tomorrow. officially not connected to anyone. anymore. that means no one. zilch, squat, nada. no one but me. and thats a good thing. been a long time coming.

sometimes less is more.

although sometimes i miss the feel of a mans hand in mine. someday, my friend, someday i will feel that again. for now, a dog will have to do.


Claudine Barnett said...

there is no DRAMA with dogs.... just love.

gr8apey said...

yayyy!!! you're back!! I'm going to have to get the motivation to start again. you have to encourage me by posting more and maybe I'll catch the bug! sooo glad everything is moving in the right direction!!!

jmelmac said...

I totally agree with Claudine..and I'm SOOO happy for you! I love your new "little" home & I had a blast watching little(for now!)Eli & Darby. I think I could just sit there all day & watch those puppies mesmerizing & reminds you of the reverence of all living things. Your example of compassion & love is contagious Shawna..thank you for all that you do..but especially for just being YOU! I love you for the eternities, Melissa xxxooo