Thursday, November 20, 2008

happy halloween

the whole group ventured to disneyland on halloween. here are a few shots of the motley crew. i would love to be cruella deville-even for a day. she was unloading every insult she could think of while posing for this photo. wouldnt it be so fun to just say what you wanted to? "hey you, get a new hairstyle." or "wow, i cant believe you are wearing that." she was pretty funny, dishing out all of those comments with a sneer on her face. she had us cracking up.
o, and i did say, "funny faces" as i took the photo, in case you were wondering. camden and dane, however werent listening to the instructions. theyre the cute little ones in the front. i dont think those older kids know how to take a "normal" photo. gosh.


gr8apey said...

what do you mean you wish you could be her...I am her!!! I just say it all under my breath!!! Darling pictures...I need to get a copy!

Anonymous said...

I saw you that day, there at the entrance of Happyland with Cruela. Funny to have seen you there and know of who you are but not know it was you til I saw you here. A mutual friend, who speaks so highly of you I I wonder if you can walk on water, has a blog through which I came to see yours. I think you do a great job with this blog and admire the way you speak of your family.

Best wishes in '09.