Saturday, August 20, 2011

treasure in the closet

so we found an old polaroid camera in edens closet when we were going thru everything.
see, shes going to college.
sometimes i cant believe she is that old already.
words cannot express how much i will miss her.
so i just wont even try.
gonna hide my head in the sand.
this old camera had film.
and to our surprise it spit out an image of us.
i was not sure if anything would appear...
but it did.
now this lovely photo is taped to the microwave.
(and someone told me i looked 16 in it.
still not sure if that is good or bad).
the place where all the important stuff is.
like the napoleon dynamite notepad and the write in calendar from home goods.
if my fridge would take a magnet, it would be there front and center.

so, the microwave will just have to do.
the place where i can see her darling face.
every day.
and next time eden, tell me to make a funny face...

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