Tuesday, August 30, 2011

salmon sunday

before eden left for school we had dinner.
i know, a novel thought.
unfortunately that doesnt happen very much around here.
if i could change it, i would.
maybe i can.
maybe we should sit
around a dinner table.
instead of standing around the stove.
 at odd hours of the day and night.
cold cereal often the dinner of choice.
or toast.
or eggs.
yeah, maybe that would fix everything.
probably not.
but its a good thought.

anyway, we had salmon.
and it was good.
really good.

even took the leftovers to feed rich,
and he said that was the best salmon hes ever had.
hes good for the ego sometimes.
and sometimes i need that.
so thank you man of mine, for telling me i am a good cook.
especially when you brag on your ex about how one of 
the few things she did right was fix good fish.
i guess i win, huh?

and yes, that is my man boy right there.
hairy face and all.
cant stand it.
hopefully he will shave soon.
one thing i cannot do is hairy face.

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Uncle Jacket said...

What's wrong with a hairy face???