Wednesday, August 31, 2011

little boys

so i like little boys.
and no, i am not a weirdo.
or some strange lady.
i just like little boys.
i think i could have been a mom to 5 boys.

a miniature man brought me flowers yesterday.
picked carefully along the way to my house.
he presented them proudly to me.
with a big smile on his face.
this is a habit of his, when he comes to visit.
always a tiny cluster of blooms in his hand.
gathered with me in mind.
this is nice.
very nice.

so here they sit.
by my kitchen sink.
reminding me how much i love little boys.
and just how fast they grow up.
hopefully mine can grow up to be sweet big boys.
because a sweet big boy is few and far between.
but oh so important.
critical, i am afraid.

lets hold a good thought.
for all the little boys out there.
to grow up sweet.

1 comment:

AaReAn said...

we need more sweet boys in this world. Just the other day I was at the park with sage and there were these little boys playing, and one came over and touched sage's hand and said "oh she is so cuuuuuute" in the sweetest little voice. It melted my heart. little boys can do that sometimes!