Thursday, September 1, 2011

ever heard of shell week?

third annual shell week at camp pendelton has come to a close.
these water polo boys trained there for a couple of days...
at this beautiful pristine beach reserved only for military.
spent the night in the sand and everything.
they ran a lot, did sit ups in the water and pretty much were worked...hard.
i told the boys as we were driving home how fortunate they are.
to be from such a beautiful place.
to be able to take part in such wonderful activities.
that they are truly blessed.
and are few and far between.
they live in la la land.
a big giant orange county bubble.
which will burst one of these days soon...
get ready to be out on your butts, little boys.
because that day is coming.
but i guess in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

i guess it is important to show everyone just how tan you are.
maybe its hanging around in a speedo all day long that makes you a little "free".
i dont know.
someone explain it to me please.
some things never change.

wood ranch rolls, cheesy potatoes...

and costco tri tip...a shell week tradition for dinner.

our beloved coach gibson and his daughter gracie.

my friends, the water polo people. such a good bunch.

then, when i arrived to pick up hunter and brendan i was greeted with...
"hunter just saved a marine"
the surf was huge...
 apparently a marine was surfing in this mess, 
and got overwhelmed in the churning water.
and i mean churning.
it was ferocious.
he was calling frantically for help. 
so hunter didnt hesitate.
and ran into the surf.
and carried him out.
the wind knocked out of him.
too bad i missed it by 10 minutes.
just glad he had the inclination to empty his pockets before he jumped in.
yay for his iphone.

good thing hunter, you brought your sponge bob cut offs
to change into.
since your other pajama bottoms got wet from saving someones life.
i wonder if that marine will tell his buddies
he was saved by some punk kid in pajama bottoms?

yes, we are a casual group, arent we.

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Buffy said...

Way to go Hunter!! What a man. That's a great story! I hope you all have a great waterpolo year!