Friday, September 2, 2011

no, not pregnant

so i am craving watermelon these days.
such an odd thing.
i dream of watermelon.
you would think i was pregnant...
but i assure you i am NOT.
one has to be in the fridge at all times.

if i am visiting rich...
i ask before i drive down...
"do you have watermelon?"
he always answers yes, then sighs a little.
like, what is her problem?
i am sure he thinks i am weird.
even have been known to cut one open,
and eat the whole thing in front of the tv.
what a good man to put up with my cravings.

when i was at my moms last week, i made a special trip to costco.
just for watermelon.
(eden picked it out...we had fun finding the right one)
made her carry it too.
her comment was.
"is this what it feels like to be pregnant, cuz this sucks"
yes, my darling...
you feel like you are carrying around a watermelon in your belly.
supported only by a few ligaments, stretched muscles and a squished bladder.
oh, and it wiggles a lot.
so fun.

and do you know how to pick out a good one?
it has to sound hollow when you knock on it.
like the sound of pounding on your chest.
compare it to the sound of knocking on your head as opposed to your chest.
you want chest sound!
then a nice big yellow spot is good.
means it ripened a bit in the field.
and bee stings are good too.
my mom always told me that.

so go buy yourself a nice big watermelon.
before its too late.


Tera said...

I LOVE watermelon. And I crave it all summer (when I'm pregnant or not). In fact I am heading to a store to stock up because they have them on sale for $1.98 each (I think I might have to exercise some self control or I'll come home with 10).
And I can also relate because I currently feel like I am carrying a watermelon around with me (less than 4 weeks to go). Good times.

Buffy said...

oh my gosh, that is so funny! I have felt the same way and have eaten watermelon all summer long. I would get those small ones at costco and eat one to myself. It's very easy to do. :) I guess it's not such a bad thing to be eating. It could be worse and I'm there these past few weeks. Help, my eating is out of control. :) Enjoy another watermelon!