Sunday, September 11, 2011

who are you?

so i was listening to hunters coach give a pep talk at shell week.
and he talked about integrity.
he talked about how when he gives an assignment to
do so many pushups, you need to do them.
whether or not the coach can see you.

i liked what he said.
it stuck with me.
and id like to think that i would do the alloted pushups,
whether or not anyone was watching.
well actually, i know i would.
i am somewhat of a rule keeper.
and then im not.
i let the little stuff go.
and i dont get hung up on much.
so maybe i am just a hypocrite.
or a pushover.
or maybe just try not to sweat the small stuff.
although i remember when hunter used to lie to me about brushing his teeth
when he was a little boy.
that just frosted me.
why would someone lie about something so stupid?
at least lie about something good.
no, im kidding.
needless to say, hunter got harped on big time.
and he had a continuous lesson on integrity.
i probably sounded like an annoying broken record.
"so how am i ever going to trust you again?"
poor hunter.
he probably came clean just to get me to shut up.
i think he learned his lesson.

i hope that when i die, the one thing people might say about me
is that i had integrity.
and if you were one of my kids, you knew it was a big deal.
hope i succeeded.

(thank you aarean for the pic)

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