Thursday, September 15, 2011

im not techo saavy

where is eden when i need her?
ive been trying to do some stuff on my computer lately...
and im failing. 
i ordered these cute graphics to embellish some photos on this thing.
do you think i can make it work?
and i know i am doing something really silly stupid.
and the new photo on my blog.
i cannot get it the right size.
so bear with me, folks.
im learning this stuff the hard way.
spending hours on this thing, very frustrated.


jmelmac said...

I like this blog picture but you are not in it..maybe your in Mom's tummy but we can't see you!! Shanna or Toshia would love to help you with techie questions so you can get this resolved. Love you! Melissa xxxooo

Joan said...

You'll get it figured out. =)