Monday, September 12, 2011

my dad

it was my dads birthday yesterday.
such a wonderful day for him to be born 87 years ago.
and such a bad day in 2001.

i love my dad.
i love how loyal he is.
and how good he is.
he has a magnificent moral compass.
he has integrity like no other.
and hes smart...and patient.
i admire and appreciate him.
and feel very fortunate to be lucky enough to be his daughter.
sometimes i wonder if i did something really bad,
or something really good to get the life i have...
when i think of being my dads daughter, 
i must have done something really good.
so maybe i am that valiant spirit.
who agreed to take this punch in the throat...
if thats the case, bring it on.
i have my dad to help me fight it all.
and that is wonderful.
because i got the best in my corner.

1 comment:

jmelmac said...

Love your new blog look!..and love everything you said about you and Dad in this post. It's right on! Love you forever! Melissa xxxooo