Sunday, September 25, 2011

what stays in vegas

so there was this big wedding in vegas.
claudine was the appointed florist, so naturally i got invited
to participate in the fun.
putting together a gigantic wedding.
did i say gigantic?
yes, i said gigantic.
just the two of us.
with minimal time for set up.
in 100 degree weather.
(i think the venue was trying to punish us)
 i havent worked that fast and hard in a very long time.
i think i am getting old too.
the signs are here.
front and center.
(i did get my sleep tho...good thing).


this is it.
we did all of this in a hotel room.
needless to say every minute was utilized,
as was every little teeny space in that little teeny room.
boy, we got creative in more ways than one...
(even ate 5 guys two days in a row)
literally buckets of flowers in every nook and cranny.
all drug from southern california,
packed very carefully in my suv.
and all i can say is thank goodness for navigation.
it literally saved our lives.


we did it. 
even if we were putting finishing touches 
on everything 15 minutes before the bride walked down the aisle.
no biggee.
so it worked out.
and we laughed an awful lot.
and panicked a few times.
made lots of u turns.
and drank diet coke non stop.
but you know, they say laughter is good for the soul.
so its a good thing.

however, screening my calls now.

1 comment:

Claudine Barnett said...

how come you no pick up when I call???? lol
it was fun, and the bride was really happy and we received a lot of praise, and our bathroom was beautiful and smelled amazing...
thanks for the help, the trip, the fun, the laughs, and the u-turns
p.s. I'm never doing boutonnieres again!