Friday, September 9, 2011

power out

this photo doesnt really go with this post...
 i learned a few things last night.

1. always have a full tank of gas
2. always have cash on hand
3. always have your phone charged

the power went out all over southern california.
luckily i had a full tank of gas, a little cash...but my phone was dead.
so i drove around for 20 minutes, charging my phone.
(while wasting my valuable gas, however).
not good.

and as it turned out,
i was alone in the dark.
all alone.
like just me and the dogs.
super weird.
hunter was studying with a friend who had power, and dane was with his dad.
i didnt really mind it.
but i noticed something.
the neighborhood got really quiet.
eerily quiet.
i lay in my bed, the french doors wide open.
dark everywhere.
and quiet.
deafening quiet.
you could hear every leaf drop, every spider crawl up his web, every cricket scatter...
and i thought about how thats what wilderness must sound like.
and i liked it.
i just need to run away to some cabin in the woods.
who wants to run away with me?

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Cortney said...

I have a cabin in the woods... lets go!