Wednesday, September 21, 2011

capo game

capo is our rival.
well, maybe mission too...
but this game is a good one.
every year.
but unfortunately weve been gettin our butts kicked.
every year.
last year there was even some sort of scuffle in the stands...

so it didnt help that hunter had a fever in the morning.
the big game and hunter is sick.
it was a feat just to get him out of bed.
i knew i had to get him feeling
so i gave him 2 little baggies before he left for school, 
one said,
"take at 2:30"
the other one said,
"take at 4"
needless to say there were all sorts of multi-colored pills in these baggies.
all timed to perform at the precise moment.
it kinda worked.
the 800mg ibuprophen was the king, though.
thats a cure all for everything.

maybe next year, guys.

(and why are my pictures not centered...hmmm)

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