Monday, March 21, 2011

flying wing

so i had a very small part in helping this plane get off the ground.
i worked for northrop a million years ago... 
in the art department.
before i started the job, my neighbors were questions extensively,
just in case i was a person who was untrustworthy.
i passed, and was given a secret clearance.
the building we worked in had no windows,
just in case a russian satellite was cruising by.
our handbags were searched when we left,
just in case we were sneaking out top secret info.
we were not allowed to tell anyone what we were working on.
and the unique shape of this plane was one of aviations best kept secrets.
we used a burn box to destroy any image of the plane.
not a single drawing or rubylith shape was left unattended.
i am glad my miniscule contribution helped my country in some tiny way.
and i just saw on the news these magnificent planes were used 
to drop bombs in libya.
i am sure they came undetected by radar,
(their claim to fame), and entered the scene with huge presence.
oh, to be a fly on the wall, during something like this.

i am not sure what i think of this particular conflict.
i hate conflict.
i hate hate.
the thought of war makes me upset.
but am glad knowing we have these methods of defense...
like this beautiful flying wing, as we used to call it.

just in case.

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jmelmac said...

Truly amazing..what an awesome experience you had using your talents & rubbing shoulders with people dedicated to defending our country. Your "small part" turned into a big deal! luvu! Melissa