Sunday, March 20, 2011

real men dont take any crap

ok, so not much was going on last night.
i will admit i was home with my feet up and the remote control in hand.
i was actually pretty lonely if the truth be known.
and no, nickelodeon or disney was NOT on.
red letter day.
so i was flipping thru the channels, and this is what i stumbled upon.
probably my most favorite movie EVER.
love those rough around the edges types...
and even one with a gravelly voice.
(sam elliot is my idea of a perfect man)
love a man who doesnt give up.
who can endure all sorts of grief for his woman.
love a man who knows how to use a gun,
and who wont take any crap from anyone.
one who has no fear...
and is the antithesis of the word feminine.
one who likes fast cars, and fast planes and knows how to change a tire.
a guy who makes me feel safe,
and grabs my hand securely when we run across a busy street.
one who gives me his flip flops (because i am shoeless) 
and waits by the public bathroom door,  
to make sure i exit safely.
love a guy who helps me into the car, and opens the door for me.
love a decisive man, and even one who knows what he wants
and isnt afraid to say it.
one who can get ready in just a few minutes,
and doesnt fuss about what hes going to wear.
and the kicker...
one who wears NO cologne.
real men smell good because they use soap.

you know, dont really like those metro male types,
ive come to figure out.
i think i could be friends with one,
but thats about where it would end.

so, in a word, doc holladay is my man,
because his hypocrisy only goes so far.
and did i mention i love a guy with integrity?


In The Doghouse said...

Doc Holladay is my favorite character in that movie! lol

claudine said...

amen, sister!

jmelmac said...

This is inspiring me to watch this show again..can't wait! lol Melissa