Friday, March 11, 2011

big day already

its not even 8am, and maggie's had a big day...

a little playtime with toby...
who knew a crushed ping pong ball could be so entertaining.
(after a much needed, exhausting haircut yesterday...such a traumatic event)

a little guarding of the gate...
she takes this very seriously.
such an important job to keep all the intruders away.

a little stroll around the pool.
just checking things out...looking for more intruders coming in from the back.
heaven help anything that gets in this yard.

just glad i have this ferocious guard dog.
such a terrier.
my sturdy little scotty.
my life is now complete.
and i would miss her terribly if she were not here.
love her loyalty.
if we could all be like dogs.

1 comment:

jmelmac said...

What a darlin doggie Maggie is with her new "do"! So happy she survived the trauma at the groomers..oh, the pain of maintaining our beauty. Love that Maggie the protector & security guard! luvu Melissa xxxooo