Sunday, March 13, 2011

i crave peace

and i crave quiet.
and simplicity.
and real happiness.
and acceptance.
and tolerance.
and kindness.
and loyalty.
and goodness.

it falls beautifully into my hands, then is ripped away.
removed violently from my grip.
then i stand there, empty handed.

i will keep going.
in search of it all.

maybe just maybe i will find it someday.


In The Doghouse said...

My heart is with you....

snowillard said...


jmelmac said...

No no no! You didn't lose it! NO ONE has the ability to take all those wonderful things away from you..YOU are in charge of your destiny & your happiness. All I can say is watch out world, here comes Shawna! And I promise, we are all right here cheering you on..we love you & support you forever & always, your sista Melissa,your bro Jack, Shanna & Sermed, Jacob & Toshia,great nieces & nephews, & of course Jessica!