Thursday, June 4, 2009

laughing with flowers

love nature. love flowers. always have. 
done lots and lots of wedding flowers for numerous beautiful friends. have made many a bridal bouquet, and hundreds of bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces. all unique masterpieces of nature. usually if not in all of the cases, i have had a great love for the bride (and/or her parents) so the chore at hand was actually an enjoyable experience. lots of last minute work, and real and vivid nightmares of forgetting the event, showing up at the reception empty handed (they have started already, and the reception isnt until september...ughhh) but way exciting, exhausting and exhilarating all rolled into one.

i have the opportunity now of helping my dear friend april, and her daughter, elyse. this wedding will be magical, as it will be set underneath her huge, magnificent oak trees complete with oversized hanging lanterns dangling from the ominous arms of those beautiful oaks. simply an amazing setting for a reception. 
we decided to do a trial run with the flowers, and experiment with making flower balls...something i have never done before, until yesterday. way easy we found out, and spectacular. and...nothing like a trip to the carlsbad flower mart, where florists from all over san diego and orange county retrieve their blooms. a feast for the eyes (and the nose) for sure. 
this is what we came up with. there will be a little tweeking of the floral selection in september, but for the most part we nailed it.

and camden, elyse's little sister was smitten with the experience of actually holding a bridal bouquet...had to get a few shots of her.
the weight of that bouquet is magic in your hands.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers
-  Ralph Waldo Emerson


In The Doghouse said...

Your arrangements are always magical!

Your Nest Design said...

Beautiful, beautiful. You have magic fingers!

shawna said...

ok, here is recipe:

naughty cupcakes

duncan hines white cake mix, add 1 cup coconut. bake as directed
1 box powdered sugar
1 8oz cream cheese softened
1 cube butter softened
1 tsp vanilla

bon appetit!

Lauren Parks said...

I LOVE fresh flowers. I am going to have to check out this carlsbad flower mart :)

gr8apey said...

What are you doing in photo shop to get your colors like that...we did NOT look that good in person! Those really do photo well, don't they!! spectacular as always...and such a fun afternoon!!

Cortney said...

I think I am in love...