Tuesday, June 9, 2009

facebook etiquette 101

well, i was so happy when i found 4 photo cds in the large picture drawer yesterday. so excited to see what long lost photos were hidden away on those disks. found out they were full of aenon's high school dances and a few of the littler kids. i immediately made an album on facebook of a selected few-i thought that was so fun. then i had the bright idea to tag aenon in a few of them. i guess that was my first facebook etiquette mistake. make sure the person you are adding photos of is ok with their face splashed all over the internet. i guess old high school photos are especially sensitive. i was reprimanded by emma too. i was informed, that these photos were "ugly"...what? did i hear right?

i learned really quick how to "un-tag". 

dont want to be the weird mom on facebook...and here are a few photos i tagged, then un-tagged. 

so, let me make something very clear...this is my blog and i can post whatever the heck photo i want to on this...my very own blog


Cortney said...

Look at your beautiful redhead. And I am so glad that Roxie can't read yet!!!

Northam Clan said...

That's RIGHT, it is your blog, and I'm glad your sharing with us. I think they are beautiful too.

gr8apey said...

Are we turning into those old people that think everyone under 20 is darling...because Aenon is STUNNING in those photos...and I don't care if she thinks we are totally old fashioned for saying so!!