Tuesday, June 30, 2009

big girl now

eden is taking her drivers test today. we will see if she is competent enough to pass with the infamous mean lady at the dmv. everyone knows about her. we will keep you posted. pretty nervous about this one, i will admit. this will make 5 drivers and 5 cars in the family. 
that number is so disturbing.

eden is also attending saddleback college for a spanish class she wanted to get out of the way, so i have been driving her every night. we leave at 5:30...then i pick her up sometime around 8:30...she gets her license just in time to drive herself to her last 2 classes. 
so convenient. so well timed, eden. thank you. 
anyway, she REALLY liked her college class and is anxious to take more...loved her professor too...what a brain she is. what other kid actually  likes school...well, actually 
i can think of another one i know quite well. what's with these kids?

and she's gettin an A.

update, as of about 9:55am!

eden passed her driving test, so look out people!

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Cortney said...

whoo! great job, eden! I will defiantly be more cautious now...