Thursday, June 11, 2009

where is the love?

i am actually going to rant long and hard today about all of the people in this world who are haters. I have come across a few lately, and so have my children. it is especially hurtful when you see your innocent children the victim of someone's vicious hate. 
hunter was standing at the bus stop yesterday, minding his own business waiting for me when a carload of obnoxious kids drove by yelling profanities and flailing their arms out the windows with obscene fingers pointing his way. then they turned around and made another pass. all directed at him, why?? why would someone go out of their way to spread hate? why would someone go out of their way to humiliate or embarrass? i dont understand. call me ridiculous for being so shocked. some of you may even be saying, "oh, that happens all the time, just ignore it." that may be true, but why does it happen all the time? sadly that was actually the advice i gave my son. how pathetic.

it is especially hurtful when the haters are members of the church. why is it that us "Christians" are so good at being haters? why is there exclusion amongst us and vicious acts of unkindness running rampant. call me naive, but i was under the impression that all of us church members were in a tribe of sorts, that we looked out for each other, we loved each other unconditionally, we accepted the downtrodden, and looked past imperfections and flaws. have seen these injustices so many times, i have lost count. and dont get me wrong, i am by no means perfect, have lots of major improving to do. am on a continual quest to be a better person and do better things...and quite frankly have a long road ahead of me, and i will be the first to admit it.

the cynic in me is rearing its ugly head. 

so my friend leigh came out to visit. she has had her fair share (like most of us) of exclusion and hate thrown her way. i have been her friend for almost 20 years. i plan to continue to be one of the ones who cheer her on and accept her for who she is. i am not going to let the hate get me. im going to spread the love. i will continue to be shocked when someone does something mean to my kids, or any other kid for that matter, when some high school kid goes out of their way to exclude one of my children or anyone else from the group...even the "mormon" group. isnt being Christian our mantra, our motto, our motivation? isnt that some sort of double standard? some oxymoron? 

so, on that note, i will continue to be shocked and disgusted, reviled and upset because if i get used to it, i will become one of the haters in my apathy.

"be the change you want to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi


Joan said...

I just happened upon your blog and this post really resonated with me. I 100% agree that we have to continue being shocked by the hate and the anger. I teach 6th graders and daily I try to instill in them or restore back to them their feelings of common decency (which isn't so common anymore) and fairness, kindness and compassion. Keep the Faith!

gr8apey said...

I don't even want to know what happened....unless, I already know what happened...which if it is the same thing that I think it is...we are on the same page! if that made sense.

Cortney said...

My blood pressure just went up a little...