Friday, June 26, 2009

weird thursday

 sitting at the beach yesterday, enjoying the beautiful weather. perfect day. aenon and hunter by my side. a brand new reclining lime green beach chair. passion fruit tea and lemonade in the cooler. chronic tacos in my tummy. warm sun on my face.
feeling good.
then my cell phone rings...
it's leigh...(she's always the one filling me in on the hot news)

michael jackson and farrah fawcett dead? 


i unfortunately am at an age where these celebrities played a role in my youth. maybe like britney spears and lindsay lohan or megan fox might be today, although i think farrah fawcett deserves a lot more credit than she is getting. and michael jackson has sort of stolen her thunder. i cant think of anyone today who is as beautiful as she was...she absolutely was an icon. 

as a teenager, i tried relentlessly to have hair like hers. i never made it though. her hair i think was curly, and she had gobbs of it, so i was out of luck. my stick straight fine hair would never do what hers did magically, even with a perm. watched charlie's angels religiously too. i even had an acquaintance in high school who was so insanely obsessed with her it was unhealthy, and found himself comparing ME to her often. i wont mention his name, as it might be a little embarrassing for him. now as an adult i can see how odd he was. in my yearbook he had a scale which rated me (comparing me to her)...i wont go into it, as i am weirded out just mentioning it. 
he must really be sad today.

then there was michael jackson. listened to his music, not a lot, but couldnt help the catchy ones like thriller and such. love his black or white (click on this to go to it) song too. i think my favorite. you should watch this full version of that video. pretty cool. so sad he had such a tumultuous life. feel sorry for his kids (well, actually always have), and the promoters of his new tour who have lost MILLIONS. 

hope he has some peace now. 

so, when thinking about someone i might want to dream about looking like...i think it just might be farrah fawcett. 

hope she's ok hanging with the real angels now.

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