Monday, June 1, 2009

mutt and jeff

these boys have been friends for forever. they have played baseball and basketball together over the years, max usually the superior athlete. max is a pro basketball player, and when his pro club team desperately needed a "big guy", he reluctantly called hunter. hunter the "never played basketball before swimmer". so the novice went to play with the experts, there only for his large stature, and possible blocking capabilities. just call him "the wall". the coach probably got some good laughs in watching my "bull in a china closet" barrel awkwardly down the court, like a lumbering train. 

basically hunter is huge (i think 100 lb difference between the two of them), and max makes for a perfect sidekick. recently when max spent the night, he had to get creative with hunters borrowed shorts. love the halter top he made to keep them from falling down. ingenious boy. 

when max recently injured his ankle in a trampoline accident (the first question i asked hunter when he called to inform me he was in the emergency room with max and his family was, "did you break max's leg?!!) hunter tenderly carried him to the car for the trip to the hospital. a chore he eagerly accepted. 

max's mom and i giggle every time we see them get out of the car and walk away side by side...large and small, big and little...opposites indeed. best buddies for sure. hope it lasts forever. 


Steven said...

That is hilarious! Reminds me of Rox and her cousin Kensie... we always say 6 weeks and 6 inches apart!

Cortney said...

The last comment was me!! And yes, I would love a brownie/diet coke/craft making party!!!

gr8apey said...

why are they my favorite people on the planet...and max didn't reluctantly call...he was so excited that he even HAD a big friend!!! Love them!