Tuesday, June 2, 2009

geritol please

time to think of what to do this summer...i am pushing for another alaskan cruise. yes, the old people one. love to hang with the old people, really. rather do that than all the drunk 45 year old moms (oh, wait-i am older than that...however i am not a drunk) on the carnival cruise we took to mexico. yuk. 
my parents took us all to alaska in 2007. a very fun trip. the top photo is my mom and me on the ship as we were leaving vancouver, the lower one, my family posing on the very tastefully decorated grand staircase. love the decor of these ships, like we are living in the 80's or something. who's the decorator, Liberace or is it Elvis? 
anyway, we lounged around on the top deck with a book while scouring the trees for bald eagles, ate beautiful food and spent a lot of time and money in the spa. even saw whales. went on a hike in the woods, complete with lush ferns and trickling streams along the way, all in the shadow of a gargantuan blue glacier. rummaged thru quaint, old fashioned stores and spent lots of time choosing the perfect, hand painted russian stacking doll. even rode on an antique train through thick pines and craggy ravines. my kind of trip. maybe i am getting old, felt right at home doing old people stuff.

lets do it again, just tweek the participants. throw some young ones in the mix.

anyone wanna go?

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Cortney said...

I'll go!!! I've always wanted to do an Alaskan Cruise. or the one that goes along New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island... that would be a dream...