Sunday, June 7, 2009

spiritual danepalooza

perfect day.
dane's baptism day was flawless. i had all of my kids home, everyone was happy, and we were even on time. the only thing that slightly went wrong was the fact that i forgot to give dane his dry underwear after his baptism, so he was not wearing any boxers during his confirmation. i brought them, just forgot to hand them over. oh well, at least he had pants. 
aenon was quietly giggling that he was "going commando".

he did great, too. the little boy who hates to get water in his face. my only kid who doesnt like it. he was brave. he had faith. he was obedient. he believed me when i told him he would be ok. when asked later in the evening if he felt "clean" he said, 
"yeah..." in a tone of, "duh, you moron, of course i do."
thank you to cortney for the beautiful song-very last minute, and im sorry if i put you on the spot...well, actually no i am am not. you are the queen of throwing together a wonderful song in minutes. one of your many talents. i was just tapping your extraordinary self, and put you up to it on facebook, so you couldn't turn me down in that public forum for the whole world to see. 
count your blessings i have an in with a good pianist...

and thank you emma for the amazing talk. you did a great job, touched us with your well chosen words and the Spirit which accompanied them. i know dane loved having you up there speaking specifically to him. your words were beautiful and your delivery was impeccable. 

and thank you to all of the friends who took time to celebrate with us. we love you and appreciate so much your support and love. what fun it was to eat pizza again (i know i am needing a different menu item...) and coconut cupcakes (ok, we need a change of pace here...need a new flavor or something...or maybe we should all go on diets), and hang out by the fire outside, while the kids did dance dance revolution, tinkered with legos and played the wii. 
lots of loud laughter coming from upstairs too. 
such a good sound. 
love that sound.
i live for that sound.
and that fire in the backyard wasn't extinguished till way after midnight. i was hearing happy children noises outside as i fell asleep. all 5 safe under one roof.

words cannot express 
what this day meant to me.

it goes without explanation.

my kind of day.

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Cortney said...

Oh stop it!! And I am sooooo glad that you do have such an amazing pianist on call!!!

Dane was so sweet. I could see his little face in the confirmation circle... he looked up and saw all the hands and couldn't keep the smile off his face!! Thanks for letting our family be a part of his big day. It was making me tear up thinking of my kids and that they will soon be there too... then I had to stop because I am pretty sure that i will need to be on medication at that point!!!