Friday, June 19, 2009

it's real

at 8:10, my day starts like this...lots of smiles

then at 2:40, my day looks like this, my favorite time...when it's time to pick up dane

then at 2:55, after picking up dane, it is off to tesoro. wont be seeing this for very long time since i am now the mother of big kids who drive...i might even miss being yelled at by the grumpy ladies who direct traffic...

and then...amongst the monotony of carpool, we helped an injured snake cross the road safely. our good deed for the day. (don't worry, it was NOT a rattlesnake)

then my day ends with this, 3:15. will miss terribly talking with this darling boy every single day. his enthusiasm for life and positive energy is contagious. i will miss being your chauffeur, me anytime if you ever need a ride. i will be there for you.


gr8apey said...

First, I'm cracking up that you take your camera with you to document your carpooling...second, I'm laughing at the snake because we just had a snake episode over here (wonder if its the same one) third, I will have to have carson read this because he says I only post about max and fourth, you are tooooo cute!

shawna said...

oh yeah, had that camera with me all day!! and i do that with eden, the poor middle child over here. overcompensate for my poor mothering skills.