Thursday, June 25, 2009

pure exhaustion

big day. 

6-9am water polo practice, santa margarita high school
nap on couch

1-3pm basketball practice, tesoro high school

3:40-4:40pm basketball game, mission high school

come home, throw up, feeling sick

6:30-8:30pm water polo scrimmage el toro high school

bjs for fish tacos

can hardly walk to the car, asleep during 10min drive to the theatre

9:50-1am transformers movie

tired or exhausted. you pick. 
and guess who had the rare privilege of driving to all of these lovely orange county high schools all in one day? 


Joan said...

I got tired just reading your post. Happy birthday...:)

Aubrey Antis said...


gr8apey said...

haha I think the fish tacos sent him over the edge!