Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hello summer

so we are on a health kick...only said this a million times before. gonna get healthy. no more cupcakes...although we just found a new cupcake book with lots more ideas...did you know you should substitute buttermilk for water when making those darling, cute little cupcakes which in turn make your cute little butt bigger? gotta try it...oh wait, cant have cupcakes anymore.
anyhow, emma, david and hunter went running this morning. this was their athletic pose in their athletic attire before they left maggie crying at the gate. she knew they were off on a "walk" without her. she and toby know these things...they watch for us humans to put running shoes on. that is their cue that a walk is in store for them. they are so smart. poor dogs, got left at the gate. they had to stay home with mom. how boring.

so, hello summer...hello no carbs...again. 
wonder how long this will last?
anyone having a birthday so we can get baking again?


Cortney said...

hunter's face is cracking me up!! we have also been getting healthy around here...we'll see how long it lasts!

Northam Clan said...

I have been wanting to run for weeks but can find the eject button of the couch when the kids are finally in bed. Good for them!!! Everything good in moderation. I say keep the cupcakes and do the run!