Monday, June 15, 2009

big day for quinn

this is quinn. he had a birthday, i think he turned 40. however that seems like a wrong number, i will have to verify that...what a youngster, if that is indeed his true age. we like quinn because he comes almost every friday and takes craig away to a movie. he keeps craig busy, and he is good at fixing our computers and garage doors. thank you quinn. you are a Godsend.
we ate really good bbq and of course there were cupcakes around...AND we wanted to show off our new super cute cupcake stand we got at crate and barrel. what a find. we werent sure what color to make his, but went with a safe blue. perhaps we will use a racier color next year, like purple. 
and this is angel, his bichon...she likes only like 5 people, and i am one of them. she makes me feel special. when karen, quinn's darling wife used to babysit dane (love that woman-she is all but perfect, and i cant believe i didnt get a photo of her) angel used to wait for me to come pick dane up, then jump in my car and eat all the goldfish and french fries which had fallen on the floor ...tells you what kind of mom i was/am. i think she found a few discarded mcdonalds hamburgers on the floor too.

happy birthday old man.

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